Posted by: markfender | February 26, 2010

I Was Into them Before They Were Popular – The Birthday Massacre

A band I’ve been enjoying a lot lately is The Birthday Massacre. I’m not into the whole goth scene and don’t hang out on Vampire Freaks, so I sorta missed the rise of this band. Thank God for Pandora. In fact, I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and declare that Pandora is the greatest thing on the Internet. Anyway, The Birthday Massacre are a (*struggles for adjectives*) . . . dreamwave, mall-goth, pop-industrial, darkwave sort of thing. (<–Aren’t sure what those words really mean.)

The main reason I wanted to mention them is that I find their lyrics pretty smart. I have two examples, one from each of their last two albums. First, off of Violet is Happy Birthday, the song from which the band gets its name. First off, this is one of more disturbing songs I’ve ever heard. I guess it’s the combination of whispering, subject matter and nonchalance in which the violence is described that freaks me the fuck out.

But the clever bit is the beginning of the song

I wore my black and white dress to the birthday massacre,
birthday massacre, birthday…
I wore my black and white dress.

And then later after all the murderin’

Now he chases me to my room, chases me to my room, chases me…
In my black and red dress

See? It’s rare to hear visual references in songs, so I thought that was cool.

The next song is Kill the Lights, the opening track off of their latest album Walking With Strangers

While the song itself talks about loss, how things aren’t really what they seem, and a general sense of exposing illusions, the part I wanted to quote:

I’ll keep dancing through this beautiful, delusional career
Faking every tear
Looking like a compromise suicide
Keeping all my dreams alive

That strikes me as very self-aware and even maybe a little bit wise. 

Anyway, band I like, check them out, yadda yadda yadda…

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