Posted by: markfender | July 13, 2011

Legend of the Five Rings – NPCs

As is typical for me, I somehow have to do things differently every single game I run.

Since L5R is also a CCG, it just sorta struck me that I should make the NPCs into cards. You can then pass them out, shuffle them, write notes on them, or arrange them into shapes that have particular meaning for you.

This was a two-part process. First, I had to find the NPCs. This involved a lot of internet searching. The L5R Wiki was my primary source, even if it was a big pain to click on every single person listed to see if their picture was usable (the old card background had a big circle around the person, which would have looked ridiculous on the new card designs). Just as a note to the hardworking people on the L5R wiki: it’d be nice to know the artist’s name who did the particular pictures. I was able to find some artists’ websites where they had all their L5R pictures listed, which made some of it easier.

The second part was to make the cards. I used Magic Set Editor, which has the new L5R card template available. The rest was just making up words to type into that big box. I used the three boxes below the picture to show the person’s Status (square), Glory (gold), and Honor (fan). There’s more places for numbers on those cards, but I didn’t really have any idea what to put in the Force/Chi boxes, so I left them blank. If you looked at the document I posted yesterday, you can see how I integrated the card text with the rules of the game.

I then took my cards to a local printshop to get them printed all nice and on cardboard. Everyone gets their own copies of the cards, so they can write their own interpretations of that NPC, stab them with a pencil when that NPC makes them angry, or whatever.

I’ll probably post up my master document of NPCs eventually. I don’t want to right now just because I have yet to pass them all out to the players yet. Not that there’s any big surprises on any of them that I’m desperately saving, but more for the fact that there’s 67 of them bad boys and I don’t want to overwhelm them with lots of NPCs that haven’t entered into the story yet.


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