Posted by: markfender | July 20, 2011

Legend of the Five Rings – PCs

What are people playing in my Legend of the Five Rings game?

Doji Shizuka – Doji Courtier (in fact, the only courtier…in a political game. I don’t know how that’s going to work out.) Shizuka’s family rebelled against the Empire because it was discovered that the newly-crowned Emperor had slept with the Doji family daimyo’s wife. Shizuka is the Darling of the Court, has a higher Status than the other PCs, and takes great pride in practicing all the courtly arts. Painting, dancing, sadane, she does it all. That particular player has missed two sessions, so I don’t really know personality yet.

Isawa Toshi – Ishiken-do (Void Shugenja). I predict Isawa Toshi will be the first to die. He’s a Lame (as in, can’t walk) Void Shugenja who knows everyone’s secrets, but also Can’t Lie. He likes to blurt out things that he just learned. This can’t possibly go well for him. He was sent as a hostage for the obvious reasons – he blurts out uncomfortable truths and the Phoenix wanted to get rid of him.

Kakita Takeshi – Kakita Bushi. Armed with a Kakita Blade, a direct Ancestor of Kakita, and Consumed by Perfection, Takeshi is pretty much on the path of being one of those insane Crane duelists. But Takeshi is politically astute and likes to “offer” his dueling services in return for favors. That player has missed a session also, so there hasn’t been a lot of wheeling and dealing yet. But I expect to see some.

Moshi Ryoko – Yoritomo Bushi. Moshi Ryoko is the second child of the Moshi daimyo and was not blessed with the ability to talk to the kami. When it came time for the Mantis to send hostages, her evil stepmother arranged to send her instead of her eldest son. Ryoko isn’t pleased about that, nor about being hostaged. She (and Shizuka) have the Contrary Disadvantage, so I’m sure that won’t lead to any trouble.

Soshi Kazuno –  Soshi Shugenja. Kazuno is a professional hostage. When the Scorpion need a hostage, they send her. She spent many years in the Dragon lands and has embraced the Brotherhood of Shinsei’s lifestyle. She also broke a Dragon’s heart… So far, there’s been a lot of sniping at the Crane, so party unity is already forming.


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