Posted by: markfender | July 27, 2011


I don’t have any interest in collecting things.

That’s not so say that I don’t like to have things. Especially things I like. What I’m talking about is collecting things – especially versions of things that are somehow different than other versions of things.

Of course, sometimes I struggle against this, since I am a completist. It doesn’t do any good to have only the first season of Avatar: the Last Airbender on DVD – I must have them all. But if there was a special version of the complete series in some sort of awesome Appa-shaped box, well, then I would just buy the regular one. This is probably the reason I don’t collect comics. It just seems like too much work, since I’d have to have ALL the issues of whatever I was collecting. However, I’m perfectly okay with the graphic novel version, so I will occasionally buy some of those.

The same thing applies to games. I can’t buy into a CCG because that just sounds annoying. I don’t want to chase rares. I don’t even care that there are rares. Did I get all the cards they make? No? Well, screw them – I’m out. That’s probably why I’m much more into Fantasy Flight Games’ LCG model – it’s easier to get the damned cards so I can play the game.

Achievements in video games are another thing I’m not interested in. I guess they add to replayability, but I’m usually not interested in replayability. It sounds unfun. This is probably why I’m not very good at MMOs as well.

And yet, the markets I’m interested in tend to buy into this model. There’s always some special XBox being sold, as well as the hundreds of Collector’s Editions of games. CCGs always look interesting, but immediately turn me off with the collector mentality. Criterion Editions of movies are also not enticing. And let’s not forget super-special editions of new roleplaying games. Bleah.


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