Posted by: markfender | August 10, 2011

Legend of the Five Rings – NPC Cards

I already wrote up the process I used to make these, so don’t expect too much from this post.

During the last game session, I passed out so many cards that all my players have a deck of cards now. There’s still some NPCs they haven’t met, but since they have most of them now, I thought it was high time I posted my actual cards. (Which you can see here.)

You’ll notice I also made some cards with all the Stances on them, as well as two reminder cards for Void Points and Raises. That was more for bookkeeping purposes, as those were the largest chunks of rules that aren’t located on the character sheets.

Last session had the first death of an NPC and the player responsible scrawled “I Killed Him” on his copy of the card, so apparently that’s working as intended.


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