Posted by: markfender | August 17, 2011

Legend of the Five Rings – Session 3

Everyone bothered to show up for this session!

The game began with the two Crane PCs who didn’t travel with the rest of the party to Unicorn lands (because they were absent last session) meeting with Daidoji Kyorai. As the head of the Empress’ Guard, he is responsible for Doji Konatsu…or is he (after all, she’s not technically the Empress)? Doji Shizuka deflected his questions about her true purpose for traveling to the Unicorn, while Kakita Takeshi insulted him. This, of course, led to a challenge. Seppun Jinsei was forced to take Kakita Takeshi to the side and ask him several pointed questions. Unimpressed with his answers, Seppun Jinsei decided to allow the duel in the hopes that Kakita Takeshi would learn a lesson.

So, our first combat of the game! After reading the dueling rules again and getting everything situated, we rolled off. While Daidoji Kyorai was School Rank 3, he wasn’t really built for dueling, so Takeshi was able to overpower him completely on the Focus roll (rerolling his two 1s from his Focus specialty, he managed to explode both of those dice…twice). That of course, led to Takeshi cutting Kyorai down in one stroke (and, of course, there was a fountain of blood spray from the body). Takeshi retired from the field confident that he had learned the lesson Seppun Jinsei wished him to learn (that Consumed by Perfection disadvantage kicking in).

We then fast-forwarded to the other PCs returning from the Unicorn lands, just in time for Otomo Chisami’s return from the Phoenix lands and her impending marriage to the Dragon Clan Champion, Mirumoto Toraizo. Many of the other Clan’s dignitaries were present in court to present her gifts before traveling to the Dragon lands. Doji Domotai, Crane Clan Champion, brought gifts from each of her daimyos. However, the Daidoji daimyo’s gift was not received well – a broken katana to remind Otomo Chisami of the “price of loyalty.” Shamed, Domotai recruited the Crane PCs to find a more suitable gift quickly. While little investigation was done into the gift, Domotai did let them know that the gift was meant as a message to her and not Otomo Chisami.

While the Crane plot amongst themselves, the Scorpion solidify their position in court. Bayushi Izuru has been given the task of getting Otomo Chisami to accept a Scorpion handmaid. Since Soshi Kazuno left the Dragon and became a hostage to Seppun Jinsei, the Scorpion have not had someone within the Dragon courts. However, Otomo Chisami is having none of it, so Bayushi Izuru turns to Soshi Kazuno for help. Through some deft manipulations, she gets Otomo Chisami to agree to taking the Scorpion handmaiden.

Meanwhile, Isawa Toshi discovers through the Void that Otomo Chisami has a Dark Secret – Maho. He immediately runs and tells the other PCs this and they gently break the news to Seppun Jinsei that his sister might be Tainted. He mounts his own investigation and tells the PCs to keep Isawa Toshi away from his sister. The PCs return to court, only to find Otomo Chisami using her little-sister annoyance powers on the Emperor. She manages to convince him to allow her to marry whomever she wishes after her much older-betrothed finally dies.

Two Matsu are also present in court – Matsu Fumiyo and Matsu Yoshino. Doji Shizuka and Moshi Ryoko learn that Matsu Yoshino is looking for a husband for his sister, Fumiyo. However, they also learn that he is not only looking for a match for his sister, but also looking for a way to leverage that marriage into a new position for himself – outside of the Matsu family. While either of them could be the next Matsu daimyo, he realizes that neither of them would be respected by the Matsu. He is looking for a way to honorably get them both out of the line of succession, and he figures a power marriage into another family would do that. This plot was left dangling, as neither PC had good options for him presently.

Seppun Jinsei’s investigation into his sister yields little results as he is unable to find any proof that she is a Maho user (she is unTainted). Regrettfully, he allows her to leave court to travel to Dragon lands and marry the Clan Champion.

This was a more typical session for a political game, as all the PCs were primarily operating independently of one another within the court. Isawa Toshi discovered some strange weapons through the Void, but despite their investigation attempts, they were unable to narrow down who exactly wielded these blades. Next sesssion, the PCs will have to continue that line of inquiry as well as deal with the political repercussions of Kakita Takeshi’s duel (and the now-empty position of taisa for the Empress’ Guard).


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