Posted by: markfender | October 18, 2011

The Next Marvel Event

I don’t actually know what the next Marvel Event is, but I thought of one the other day that might be kind of cool to see.

Similar to how DC had Lex Luthor be President in the DC Universe, I thought it would be interesting for Marvel to take the opposite tact: elect a good guy.

He’s got a lot of electable qualities. He’s married. He’s rich. He’s got military experience (well, maybe. I don’t know exactly what the basis for the mission into space was, but odds are it was some sort of governmental operation). And I’m sure he’s invented something that’s made it into general society that’s benefited mankind. Plus, he’s got all his Illuminati friends to ‘arrange things’ for him. The only real question that will dog him on the campaign trail is his religious affiliation. Apparently, he’s a humanist…but he’s also met God (so explain that one). So, things are looking good for the upcoming campaign (although if he looked like the picture…not sure he’ll get a lot of votes).

Plus, First Lady Sue Storm. C’mon.

Which raises the question of where the rest of the Fantastic Four fit into the upcoming “Fantastic Administration.” I see Ben Grimm in a suit with dark glasses and a headset in his ear. And haven’t you always wanted the Secret Service to exclaim “It’s Clobberin’ Time”? Right now, Johnny Storm is dead so that removes him from the running. However, if he comes back before the election (and you know he’ll be back – these are comics), he could very easily end up on the outs – the ne’er do well brother-in-law that makes for great FOX News coverage. And he’ll need to pick a vice-president. Tony Stark? They’re Civil War buds, plus Stark could “play” the role of drunken embarrassment pretty well.

My vision is just to have President Richards in the background of the Marvel universe. If the Skrulls invade in The Avengers, he’s on television decrying them. If there’s some sort of mutant shakeup in X-Men (you know, because it’s Wednesday), President Richards is on the scene consoling the victims and promising a thorough investigation. Only the Fantastic Four book itself would deal with the administration and the pressures of being President.

Now, Marvel probably won’t go for this. They have this thing where they like to pretend their comics take place in the real world, with the current real world president running things. Except that there is always an ongoing political crisis in Latveria, the Earth has an extra moon in Asteroid M, and I won’t even mention the mutant island.

So, c’mon. It’s time for change. It’s time for stretching.


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