Posted by: markfender | December 6, 2011

Legend of the Five Rings, Session 8

You might have thought this game ended. It did not. It just got delayed for various obligations and then I forgot to write up a session.

The Jade Champion Asako Hidemi tracks down the maho “scent” emerging from the events around the castle. She tracks it down to the Fields of the Dead, a corrupted graveyard in the Phoenix lands. A small contingent of Phoenix Elemental Guard go to deal with it. Asako Hidemi, Isawa Emori, and Asako Mitsuki go as well, accompanied by the PCs.

Travel during winter is especially difficult, so it takes quite awhile to travel. When they finally arrive, they find Otomo Chisami alone in a cabin in the middle of the tainted land. There is much speechifying that occurs about her rightful place on the Imperial Throne. She summons an army of zombies from the mass graves to attack the Phoenix.

This was all done using the Mass Battle System. I made sure Isawa Emori accompanied them since I knew the PCs weren’t great at battle. I also lowered the zombie’s stats a bit so that my non-combat PCs would have a chance. However, I then proceeded to roll terribly for Emori’s Battle rolls, so the fight took about two rounds longer than it should’ve. The Heroic Opportunities worked out pretty well as it seemed that a PC was always in big trouble right when the next person in Initiative order would roll a Heroic Opportunity – which I usually made to go help their fellow PC.

Moshi Ryoko had to be carried off the battlefield, but eventually the Phoenix Elemental Masters were able to defeat Otomo Chisami. With a somber heart, the Phoenix return to their winter stronghold, unsure of how to tell the Emperor of his sister’s betrayal.

The rest of the Winter Court was uneventful. During the Court, Shinjo Masafumi and the Crane arrange the marriage of Shinjo Yokatsu to Doji Domotai. They are married in a quiet ceremony. Unfortunately, on the return trip to the Unicorn lands, Shinjo Masafumi falls off his horse and is killed. With his heir now a Crane, it is a foregone conclusion that Moto Chagatai is the new Unicorn Clan Champion. Bayushi Arunsa rewards Soshi Kazuno with a servant, who accompanies the PCs back to their village.

When the PCs return to their village, Seppun Jinsei has another mission for them. It appears that a lone monastery just inside Lion lands has discovered a katana belonging to a former monk that they believe might be a Seppun blade. The PCs are sent to ascertain the truth of this and return the blade if it is so. At the monastery, they discover the truth of the matter is that the blade was forged by a Unicorn, but the taisa bears the Seppun mark. The monks willingly give the katana up to them to return to the Seppun.

Unfortunately, a contingent of Utaku Battle Maidens arrives soon after. Their leader, Utaku Masako, identifies the blade as a Unicorn blade and demands to return it to Unicorn lands. The PCs refuse. The Unicorn take the affront with the grace a samurai should have, inviting the PCs to dinner so that they can discuss the matter. Utaku Tamae talks with Moshi Ryoko in private and offers her a large sum of koku for the sword. While tempted, Moshi Ryoko ultimately refuses. Utaku Reku comes to Isawa Toshi in private and attempts to seduce him for the sword. He manages to choke out a frantic call for help before being overcome by the much stronger Battle Maiden and is rescued by the other PCs. At dinner, the Unicorn attempt to convince the PCs to give up the katana again, but are refused. They declare that they will be forced to attack in the morning if the sword is not turned over to them.

In the morning, the Utaku are waiting in the streets. They offer the PCs tea and make one more attempt to get the sword. Again, the PCs refuse. With great sadness, the Utaku wheel their horses around and prepare to charge.


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