Posted by: markfender | January 3, 2012

2011 Music in Review

Overall, it was kind of a bad year for music. M83’s new album wasn’t good, Amon Tobin disappointed, Evanescence sucked, and PJ Harvey did that thing she does. So, while I definitely picked up new stuff this year, I actually found that the stuff I was listening to the most was from previous years. So, instead of talking about what’s new, I thought I’d talk about things I discovered this year that have rocked.

The Naked and Famous

So, yeah, electronic overtones, heavy guitar fuzz and a female singer…it’s like it was designed for me. I missed all the buzz for this band when they first struck. I’m not sure how. Despite the inclusion of a male singer, I dig it. In fact, I might go so far as to say that “Girls Like You” is one of their best tracks despite the definite lack of female vocals.


SPC ECO’s album You Tell Me came out in 2011, but the songs I like from it were actually on an earlier EP, so I’m not sure if that counts as a new release for the year or not. All I know is that Dean Garcia can do no wrong (the song “Lef It Out” excepted – don’t recycle your own music, Dean). Curve is one of my favorite bands and his new project continues his trend of being awesome. SPC ECO describes themselves as “nugaze” and I guess that’s as applicable a description as any.


So, Hybrid’s been doing their blend of orchestral techno stuff for awhile now, but Disappear Here is the first album with a female lead singer. Having a consistent voice to the whole album really helps it out. I don’t usually go in for techno (I don’t hate it, but I also can find it trying to listen to after awhile), but this album is fucking incredible. You need it. Being a fan of both cityscapes and nature, the “Break My Soul” video also rocks hard. Plus, you know, it’s 8 minutes of audio bliss, so that helps too.

I’ve already mentioned the female vocal thing that these all have in common, but they also are all from other countries. Not sure what that says either.



  1. Hey Mark that reminds me, listen to episode 74 of Sklarbro Country (found at earwolf) taking about their favorite music of 2011 with Matt Price and Jonah Ray

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