Posted by: markfender | January 24, 2012


Hit the level cap in Star Wars: the Old Republic.

Got my Darth title and all of that. After about an hour of futzing around with the endgame content, I almost immediately had the urge to cancel my subscription. Because that sorta stuff isn’t all that interesting to me. I’m still not entirely sure where I’m supposed to get all these specialized commendations I need for high-end gear. I’m not entirely sure what the difference between the high-end PvE gear and the PvP gear is (I mean, obviously, the PvP gear gives you Expertise, which is apparently important for that stuff – but are the stats equivalent?). And I find the Warzones to be a frustrating lack-of-an-ability-to-target-anything-fests (Even if I did score the winning goal in my second game of Huttball). And whose bright idea was it to have the Ops Bar hover over my left-bar so that I can’t click on anything over there (You know, like my heals)?

Of course, there’s other end game content. There’s PvP Zones, which I have yet to hit. And there’s a bunch of high-end Flashpoints. In between Warzones the other day, I sat around trying to drum up an interest in doing some of those in my local chat. But when there’s a total of 10 whole people in the zone all day (including one level 12 who I think got lost), that proved impossible. I don’t know whether to complain about server population (although I should mention that this was on a Saturday afternoon, when you’d think there’d be more people around) or just a lack of interest in high-end PvE content. And I don’t know how the hell you’d ever drum up enough people for the Operations.

However, the game did provide a lead-in to that content. There was a whole mission chain on the last planet to introduce you to the story of the last Flashpoint. And I got missions like “Go to the PvP Bounty Board” just to familiarize yourself with that aspect of the game. Plus, there’s all kinds of quest givers for all the Operations scattered around the Imperial Fleet, so I didn’t find the game hiding that content. Now, if only they could have done such a good job on the actual game rules (see earlier paragraph).

One last complaint before I’m done. What is the deal with every planet having its own currency? Each planet has its own Commendations, which is where you get the supersweet gear and modifications. But why? It makes money (the actual money that drops from mobs) kinda useless. They might as well have called credits “Repair Armor” points because that seems to be the only thing I ever do with them. I get it for high-end stuff – you gotta come up with some anti-farming measures to keep people paying that monthly sub. But I didn’t really get it for every other planet.

Plus, I have a ton left over. Yes, I spent all the Commendations I got for each planet as I leveled up, but when they send you back to planets for Bonus Series, you get more. Which, by the time you’re doing the Bonus Series, are worthless. I guess my next character will be receiving those in the mail.

Entertaining the troops by blowing up starships with my mind

So, uh, what else has been going on in the world? SOPA? What’s that?



  1. The endgame content took me a while to figure out. I blathered on about it on your last post, so I’ll refrain from telling you what you “do at 50”. All of my gear is at Rating 126 (equivalent to all level 50, purple mods in my slotted pieces) or better from running dailies, so the only things I have left to do are hardmodes, Eternity Vault, Karagga’s Palace, and PvP. Since it’s still relatively early, there just aren’t enough level 50 characters to run PUGs without spamming General Chat at fleet for 30-45 minutes before I can put something together – and this is as a healer. This will, of course, improve with time, but in the meantime it leaves something to be desired.

    Needless to say, I spend most of my time playing with alts or running my lower-level guildies through flashpoints. It’s just as entertaining, but I’d really love to able run my awesome Scoundrel through some challenging content.

  2. And also, you can move your Ops bar.

    • OMG! How?!

      Tried the Ilum World PvP the other day since I thought it might be easier to target things when I don’t have to deal with the upstairs/downstairs quality of Huttball. Turns out I magically ended up on the server with a Republic imbalance. 1 Imp (me) vs. 4 Republic scum makes for stun-lock-until-dead over and over again. Fun.

      So, yeah, I guess I’m patiently waiting for more people to hit 50 who want to do those last couple Flashpoints. In the meantime, my Jedi Knight is making googly eyes at T7-01 (best companion EVAR).

  3. I actually haven’t even messed with the Ilum PvP area since the 1.1 patch. It was really odd before, but it effectively was a simple “click” quest since you actually go the mission done faster if you just let the enemy side capture objectives so you could recapture, rinse, and repeat.

    And yes, T7 is awesome. I love the way they write the astromech droid dialogue.

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