Posted by: markfender | February 22, 2012


Fantasy Flight Games is republishing the Dune boardgame…except it’s not the Dune boardgame.

It takes place in the Twilight Imperium universe instead. And there aren’t any sandworms…or spice.

And this upsets some people. Because the game may not match what they were used to. Or they’re worried that the retheming will just be a bad pastiche. Which it very well might be – I haven’t played it. But I’m pretty sure I don’t care.

I mean, I love Dune. It’s in the top three novels for me. But I only get so much enjoyment from quoting movie lines while sitting around a table full of ’70s game design. I’d probably be happier with some shiny cardboard bits, a nice modern sensibility, and some other sci-fi property. I mean, I still get to make “whooshy” noises with my spaceships right?

And yet…during the D20 boom, so many games were shoehorned into the D20 system that just didn’t work within that system. So I’m torn on the whole issue.

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