Posted by: markfender | February 29, 2012

Double Ding!

My second character has reached level 50 in Star Wars: the Old Republic.

Buffy the Jedi Knight tells it like it is

This time I went with the Republic side because I hadn’t seen their stuff yet. I made a Jedi Sentinel because they get two lightsabers and that is awesome. Once stepping out of the tutorial area, I gained my first set of robes and immediately realized that I couldn’t play another character who wore a hood all the damned time. So I stumbled around on wikis until I found a cool Members-Only sorta jacket. Adding the leather pants later made for a weird image for a Jedi. Honestly, all I really wanted was some robes with the hood down, but apparently only NPCs get those.

So, how do the two sides compare? Well, the Jedi Knight story is better than the Sith Inquisitor story. The Inquisitor story is about digging in musty tombs for Sith artifacts in order to defeat your rivals on the Dark Council. The Jedi Knight story is about digging around in high-tech laboratories for doomsday weapons to stop the Sith from using them. However, the end of Act 2 was epically awesome enough to make up for it, whereas the Inquisitor story had some good parts, but not enough to distract from the fact that you’re exploring yet another tomb.

As for the rest of the stuff, I was disappointed early on in the Republic side when the Bonus quests with multiple stages were so bland. Stage 1 – Kill 20 of X enemies. Stage 2 – Kill 40 of X enemies…rinse and repeat. They got better later on, but the Sith side very rarely pulled that level of boring. It was a little odd, actually.

Another problem with the Republic side was that you have to read a lot more quest text. They’re okay with aliens, dontcha know? So there were a lot of alien quest givers who talk in their ridiculous Star Wars language, which means you have to read a lot more quest text. That rarely happened on the Imperial side. In fact, everyone had really cool English accents.

However, I’d say the community on the Republic side was a bit more friendly. Yes, the Fleet was full of complaining as usual, but the individual worlds were a lot friendlier. There were several nights where General Chat was better than the game.

As for repeated content, the main planet storyline on Tatooine and Alderaan were the same for both sides. They started differently and often involved different NPCs (as you’d imagine) but the actual final mission was the same in both cases. Voss had the same middle section of the storyline for both, but then it wildly diverged at the end.

Now that I’ve visited all the planets, I’d have to say my favorite was Hoth. It just looked cool. It was big, which is a bit of a disadvantage, but it wasn’t as big as Tatooine and the mountains didn’t block your progress as much as on other planets. Plus, the Starship Graveyard area is super-sweet looking.

Worst planet is Voss. There are odd difficulty spikes thoughout that world. Some planets were harsher than others, but Voss was all over the place. On the Inquistor side, it took me three days of repeated attempts to beat the final two bosses (for the planet storyline and the Inquistor storyline) because of the odd difficulty spike. Of course, I’d been having trouble with the whole planet so I just chalked it up to being under-levelled or something. But when I reached Voss again with my Knight (who is way over-levelled) and would inexplicably run across an Elite who would kick my ass unless I had every single power recharged, but then be able to walk into fights with 50% health and have no problem immediately afterwards…I began to blame the planet. In fact, there were certain mission chains that tested both of my characters to the nth degree, only to have the next few mission chains be cakewalks. Plus, the story makes no sense. All the mystical mumbo-jumbo supposedly leads to dialogue options in the Spirit World that didn’t quite follow. Plus, I hated the Voss stereotypical-Native-American-speak and their stupid reliance on prophecy. And the Spirit World sections suck. So Voss sucks. Never go there.

So, what’s next?! I hope PvP is entertaining enough to keep up the subscription! It probably won’t be! I’m optimistic!


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