Posted by: markfender | March 14, 2012

Let’s Mock Pathfinder Online

C’mon, it’s fun.

As Ryan Dancey is like, my favorite person ever, I like to check in on the Pathfinder Online team every once in awhile and mock them unceasingly. Over in Pathfinder Online world, the crew is almost ready to decide on what middleware they’re going to use to make their amazing MMORPG. But they have a request:

[W]e’d like to ask the community for your help…We’d like you to shoot a short (10–20 second) clip of yourself talking about why you love Pathfinder and why you are looking forward to Pathfinder Online. Post your video to YouTube, and then post a link to it … on the Goblinworks forum along with a note that Paizo and Goblinworks has your permission to use your video (don’t forget that part!). We intend to use excerpts from some of your videos to enhance presentations we’re working on for Pathfinder Online!

So, let’s follow along:

1. Paizo publishes a game based on another company’s work.

2. They decide to make a MMORPG using software designed entirely by other people.

3. They would also like you to make their PowerPoint presentations to investors for them.

I don’t know whether to applaud the sheer grandiosity of this company or cry for the death of innovation.

Hey, Paizo. I understand that Wizards of the Coast’s D&D 4e is about to go out of print. I think I see your next money-making opportunity…


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