Posted by: markfender | March 27, 2012

The Legend of Korra

Yay! It’s finally starting (at least online – real episodes start in April)!

For those of you who have not watched the Avatar: the Last Airbender, you still have a couple weeks to catch up. Because it is awesome. I’ve watched the first two episodes of The Legend of Korra, the new series that takes place after the deaths of the previous Team Avatar and it is also good.

The first episode is a bit of a catch-up episode. We’re introduced to new characters, caught up on some of the backstory, and established the setting. Korra proves to be pretty cool. It’s pretty obvious that her journey is going to be one of temperance (which I’m actually a little surprised wasn’t the original Aang story – but how’s that for breaking the mold for a kid’s show?), but she’s not obstinate or bratty enough to annoy so that’s good. I’m really digging the new setting. Republic City is all 1920s Shanghai, down to radios, automobiles, and straw hats. So that’s pretty cool. Overall, this episode wasn’t the greatest as it didn’t really do much except shuffle some characters around. But as far as a set-up episode, it was good. The writing is solid and I’m looking forward to more.

But I’ve seen more. As in the second episode. This one was better, as it seemed to follow the standard “main character learns a lesson” type of story so prevalent in children’s programming. I’m not quite sold on the sports aspect of the bending arena and hope we don’t spend a whole ton of time there, but as far as a one-off story set there it was pretty cool. I’m looking forward to more bad guy setup as well, because I feel that’s still a piece that’s missing overall from the show (but I’m sure we’ll get there).

So, yay, Avatar! I’m no longer interested in the new Game of Thrones season as this is looking way cooler (besides, I’ve already read the book so it’s not like I’m missing anything). And I want a polar bear dog.


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