Posted by: markfender | April 10, 2012

What’s Going on with Shadowrun?

Lots of stuff…mostly computer-related.

The first thing is that there’s a strategy/RPG browser game/MMO in the works called Shadowrun Online. From interviews and stuff (as their website is a bit bare at the moment), it’s going to be using the Jagged Alliance Online engine to run in your browser. That seems fine to me. I think a tactical game set in the Shadowrun universe could be pretty cool, especially if it includes Summoning and Rigging (oh, for a cloud of drones). ‘Course, the game’s going to have the same problems that the tabletop version has – how do you make decking interesting? ‘Dunno. I have no idea on costs, how MMOey it’s really going to be, or any of the particulars, but I’m at least interested in checking it out.

But that’s not all! The Shadowrun nostalgia train is just beginning to leave the station with the recent announcement from Harebrained Schemes and their Kickstarter for Shadowrun Returns (and I’d link to that, but WordPress is hating links halfway through writing this). So, yeah, a long circuitous route back to the people originally responsible for the property and a return to the only decent Shadowrun video games. This one looks more roleplay-oriented (maybe) and I’m liking the idea of hiring ‘runners for all your missions. We’ll see how well they’re able to integrate the 4 (?) worlds into the game experience. And it’ll include the game editor so that’s cool (I demand that someone recreate Harlequin with that thing.) What’s particularly crazy is that it was funded within 28 hours. Guess there’s a lot of Shadowrun fans out there…

So, we’ve got two Shadowrun games that appear to be turn-based coming out next year. This excites me. (Tune in tomorrow when I express why I’m not excited.)


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