Posted by: markfender | April 17, 2012

Shadowrun Returns

I already mentioned Shadowrun Returns but I thought I’d talk a bit more about what’s in store.

I want these. Not for $125, but I still want them.

The Kickstarter is over a million dollars now and that means a few of the stretch goals have been met. So, riggers are in. (Wait. Riggers weren’t going to be in it before?! Blasphemy!) But the million dollar stretch goals means that there will be another city (besides Seattle) in the game.

I have two choices for which city I would like in the game.

First of all, I live there (or near there) and there’s nothing better than critiquing someone else’s view of a city they’ve never been to. But also, it’s a cool place in Shadowrun. It’s the Treaty City and, buried as it is in Native American Nations, it’s got a cool Berlin-under-siege feel to it. The city is divided into districts, each ruled by a different country. So, you’ve got border patrols every couple of blocks, coyotes willing to smuggle you across borders, not to mention prime material for smuggling all sorts of other goods. Plus, it’s got a very fractious city spirit. As a fantasy politics junkie, Denver is a great place for that sort of thing and I can imagine several cool storylines that would take advantage of the city’s divided nature. Plus, it would let them indulge in all their Amerindian fantasies.

As another place I’ve lived, it would be great to see this city as well. It has the advantage of being the headquarters of FASA back in the day, so the people responsible for this new game have also lived there and would probably get the particulars closer to correct. Plus, it has the most dramatic history of any city in Shadowrun – Bug City. Ares strike teams, insect spirits, and a nuclear bomb all combine for some great postapocalyptical storytelling. The only problem with that is those particular events take place in Shadowrun’s future (from the point where they’ve stated the game will start) and I don’t know that they’re willing to push it forward to that. And, sadly, Chicago before the bugs wasn’t as interesting – pretty much all it has of interest are the Shattergraves. But as a gaming city, I can’t think of another city with as many opportunities for exciting dungeon crawls (insect hives, ghoul enclaves, abandoned corporate facilities) as this one.

So, those are my votes. They’ve stated that if they get to 1.5 million they’d add an exclusive scenario for Kickstarter backers that would link the Genesis and SNES games to the new game, but seeing as how I never finished the Genesis game and never played the SNES one, I can’t get too excited about that one.


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