Posted by: markfender | June 12, 2012


So, I saw Prometheus this weekend. It was not good.

I realized as I was sitting in the theater that I’d somehow managed to see the little promo videos for this (Weyland’s TED talk and Happy Birthday David) without actually seeing a preview for the actual film. All I knew was that it was an Alien prequel – sorta. I like Alien fine. I like Aliens as well. But neither movie are in my Top Ten or even my Top Twenty. So I thought there’d be some nods to the first movie and that’s about it.

The acting was good. The visuals were pretty cool. There was one particular scene of body horror that would give me the heebie jeebies if I seriously thought about it happening to me. But the rest of the movie was crap. Nothing made sense. All I wanted to know afterwards was “What happened?” Like, seriously. I could ask every single question that occurred to me throughout the movie, but that might involve spoilers. However, you can’t really spoil this movie because there is NEVER ANY EXPLANATION FOR ANYTHING!!!! So, instead, I made these Motivational-style posters involving some of the actors. Because that seemed fun – unlike the movie.


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