Posted by: markfender | June 13, 2012

Breaking Bad Season 5

Now let’s talk about something that should be good.

Is it weird that I got goosebumps when I saw this? Cuz I did.

After the triumph of last season, I’m eager to see where Walter ends his journey. And whether this show can top the Wire.

As an aside, television has been pretty good recently. While the summer blockbusters might have turned out to be not so blockbusterey (Avengers excepted) so far, television in recent months has been kicking ass. From the second season of Game of Thrones to Legend of Korra, I’ve been enjoying what I’ve been watching. Strange that these shows have sorta been on in the “off season” too (Not that that concept really exists anymore). Add the Breaking Bad return and the summer movie season has some pretty tight competition.

But holy shit! Breaking Bad! He’s the one who knocks! Get excited!


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