Posted by: markfender | July 11, 2012

Adventure Gaming

I’ve decided I’m done with roleplaying.

We’re just gonna do this all the time.

That’s not because I’m against roleplaying. Or don’t enjoy it anymore. It’s because I no longer wish to be associated with the sort of people that engage in that hobby.

From the recent Desborough rape kerfluffle to, oh, anyone with any opinion on D&D Next (I include myself in that last one. I’m not proud.), I really don’t want to have anything to do with gaming culture. I don’t care about D&D in any significant way. It wasn’t my first game, it wasn’t my longest game, and it just doesn’t have the cultural resonance with me that it seemingly does with everyone else. And so I don’t have anything invested in the thousands and thousands of conversations about it on the internet. And I think anytime the first response to calls of potential misogyny is to threaten someone with rape is pretty much the worst thing ever. So, the drawing together of these two (hopefully) disparate groups into one group just aggravates me to no end. And I no longer wish to participate in their hobby.

So, I’ve started a bold, new hobby! It’s called “Adventure gaming!” Basically, we do the same things we always did, but we gave it a new name! Yes, the name is stolen from the video game crowd. But it’s a dead genre and they already stole RPG from us, so it’s a fair trade. We’re gonna have T-shirts, have fun playing games, and laugh and dance and sing.

But when people say “Oh, is that like D&D?” we’ll probably just continue to say “Yes.”



  1. Oh no, there are terrible people on the Internets! Somebody think of the CHILDREN!

    “Adventure Gaming” is good. It doesn’t sound like you’re doing kinky things with costumes and safety words, a problem “Roleplaying” has always had in some circles.

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