Posted by: markfender | July 17, 2012

Hunter Gatherering

Sometimes I think it might be interesting to return to the hunter-gatherer days.

I see she couldn’t give up haircare products either.

Cuz, all this stuff I have? It’s just weighing me down, man.

More seriously, I tend to do better if I have a physical task to do. If any part of my brain is engaged, my brain just tends to think about all the things it would rather be doing and that first mental task never gets completed. I’m not necessarily a hard physical laborer but I do tend to prefer being fully-physically engaged with work rather than sitting at a desk somewhere. I realize that probably sounds ridiculous coming from someone who participates in a hobby that treasures brains more than brawn.

The other half of that coin is that hunter-gatherers tend to have more free time. This 40-hours-a-week thing is kinda arbitrary. And I’ve never been able to fool myself into taking pride in my work that I did for a corporation. Anthropologists are claiming that hunter-gatherers tend to work about five hours a day, leaving lots of time to lounge around and do the things that I’d rather be doing.

Problem is, I do like modern conveniences. If we were hunter-gatherers, we’d have LOTS more time to spend surfing the internet, assuming we had a wireless connection. And what about entertainment? How would I see movies? Or read books? Am I just supposed to sit around and listen to the tribe’s storyteller the few times they deign to tell us with a story? Or maybe I could be the tribe storyteller, but then I gotta spend all that time thinking of stories and would resent all those eager upturned faces. And where the hell am I supposed to keep my dice? And, oh god, the hygiene.

I’m gonna go turn my air conditioner on now.



  1. Not only did primitive hunter-gatherers work almost 50% less than modern man, their lifespan was 50% less, too. We’d certainly not have to spend as much time working with half the lifetime to do it in. It was truly a slacker’s paradise.

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