Posted by: markfender | August 1, 2012

White Wolf Release Schedule

Hey, remember White Wolf? They’re making games again!

Under a new brand name (because why not), they’re released their new release schedule and it looks like things are happening again.

For one, they’re supporting the new World of Darkness line while still supporting the old, or “classic,” World of Darkness as well. That’s kinda weird. I mean, I get the appeal of the deluxe super versions of their old games as I’m sure they’re bringing in the dirty sexy money but they’re actually continuing to support them with new products while at the same time producing products for their nWoD lines. So, yeah, they’re making two vampire games at the same time. Weird.

In other news, Mummy: the Curse is apparently the newest property to get rebooted into the new WoD system. I have not been checking out their development blog on this as I’m not all that interested, but, hey, mummies. I’m sure someone’s interested. Also announced was a new Demon line, appropriately titled Demon: the ???? (because saying that last word would totally spoil everything). I didn’t enjoy the last Demon game, so we’ll see. But there’s also new Vampire: the Requiem and Mage: the Awakening products coming out and those seem more interesting to me. A new Book of Madness for the new Mage? Yes, please. Also weird is that they’re releasing some of the Convention books for Mage: the Ascension that never saw the light of day due to the line being cancelled/rebooted. So, filling in the back catalog. Producing two different games about mages, Odd…

But there are two products for their new WoD that actually look pretty interesting: The God Machine Chronicle and the Strix Chronicle. Billed as campaign books, apparently these are going to detail new settings within the nWoD and V:tR lines respectively with rules tweaks to more appropriately get across the themes. I’m assuming these are like the ideas expressed in such products as Mirrors and Shards of the Exalted Dream, but more fully fleshed out. And that’s exciting. For one, the God Machine is one of the more evocative ideas in the nWoD so I’d like to see what they do with that. Also, the Strix are pretty interesting antagonists for vampires, so that one also intrigues me. Now, we just need a “Fall of stupid, stupid Atlantis” Chronicle for Mage: the Awakening and we’d be all set for nWoD alternate-histories.

Ooh, ooh! Also, there’s going to be Exalted 3rd Edition! This one I’m more torn on. Exalted is unplayable as it currently exists. It’s got way too many fiddly rules, Charm sets, badly written rules, and no NPC character creation system. It’s one of the most frustrating games to currently exist as its setting is damned awesome but its rules are a bloated mess that cannot be reasoned with. On the other hand, it’s been through two editions that have detailed the setting out pretty well and I’m unexcited about seeing those setting books released yet again. I want a rules system that works, but I don’t care to rebuy setting information. I’m good there. Plus, I’m really not looking forward to getting the slow trickle of Exalted type hardback books spread out over the next six years or so before we have the rules for all the Exalted types again…for the third time. I mean, there’s no real way around that problem, but it’s still kind of annoying. So I guess the only thing I can really hope for is that the new edition is terrible and that I stop caring. But that just seems to defeat the whole thing. So I have mixed emotions.

But, hey, White Wolf is making stuff again! That’s gotta be worth something, right? They’re not always my favorite company, nor my favorite settings. But there’s been some good ideas buried in there over the years and it’s exciting to see internet arguments over something other than D&DNext.

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