Posted by: markfender | August 14, 2012

Mountain Dew Dark Berry

There’s a new Mountain Dew flavor! So I drank some!

This flavor of Mountain Dew is called Dark Berry and is affiliated with the Dark Knight Rises. So I imagine it tastes like Batman: stale sweat, old money, and regret.

But it actually resembles Mountain Dew Typhoon from a awhile back. It has the same effervescent aftertaste but with a blue raspberry taste. I don’t drink a lot of soda anymore, so this one started to taste too sweet after about half a can, but that’s probably my changing tastes as opposed to the Mountain Dewness of it. Seeing as how the strawberry-pineapple flavor of Typhoon ended up being the best of the new flavors, I can see myself drinking more of this one.

It’s also blue. Violently blue. Glowey blue even. I wonder if my tongue is blue (Just checked: Yes, it is.)


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