Posted by: markfender | September 26, 2012

Mage Knight Expansion

More shiny goodness is coming for the Mage Knight boardgame.

Besides the standard expansion type stuff (new tiles, new cards of all varieties, more tokens), it’s also going to include a new Mage Knight (and rules to expand the game to five people). Which is pretty cool.

But it’s also going to include a bad guy, General Volkare. I don’t who that is in the Mage Knight universe and I don’t care. I’m just interested in how a villain is going to work within the current game setup. Is defeating him going to be in addition to defeating the cities? Does he lurk in a city, sending out his own minions to challenge you? I have no idea how that’s going to work but I’m interested in seeing it.

Mage Knight is definitely the best game I played this year and probably the best “fantasy characters explore the terrain and gradually level up” game ever made. So I’m excited to see this expansion into slightly new territory for the game. I’ll definitely be picking this one up.


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