Posted by: markfender | November 13, 2012

Headphone Diaries – March 12, 1990

Did you notice how I skipped over some weeks? Yeah, that’s because nothing interesting released. But here’s something interesting.

How can you go wrong with that cover? Prong is a thrash metal band that I remember being quite fond of. Now, let’s not get our hopes up. It’s still just thrash metal. If you don’t like that riff, there’s not much else to get invested in. They got slightly more complicated as the decade moved on and industrial sounds started working their way in, but that this stage of their career, it’s still just guitar/drum/screaming.

Beg to Differ and Prove You Wrong were okay Prong albums. In my opinion, they really didn’t get going until 94’s The Cleansing.

The Cleansing had a number of good songs on it, whereas I tended to really like only one or two songs from their previous albums. And it’s got a great wrestling-entrance-music song. (Have you noticed I only post Youtube videos of bands I actually like? I wonder if that will change…)

Did it age well? Thrash doesn’t age. It just becomes impossible to play when the arthritis kicks in.

Should this go on your iPod? If you like thrash, The Cleansing is probably already on there. If it isn’t, correct that.


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