Posted by: markfender | December 12, 2012

Headphone Diaries – May 1, 1990

It’s time to talk about the most-played video of 1990. For obvious reasons.

Charmed_Life_coverBilly Idol
Charmed Life

You’ve never actually heard this album, have you? All you know is “Cradle of Love.” It’s okay. There’s really nothing else to talk about on the album, other than a Doors cover. It’s Billy Idol snarling his way through some vague rockabilly-punk songs like he’s done before and will do again.

No, it’s really just about “Cradle of Love.” Because the David Fincher directed video features this:

I mentioned this video already when I talked about Sinead O’Connor. Because it seemed like, that year, MTV only had two videos: “Nothing Compares 2 U” and “Cradle of Love.” It was on all the time. I can’t imagine why.

But we haven’t talked about the music yet. And that’s because it’s a Billy Idol song, which feature the exact same things every other Billy Idol song has ever had – a chorus and about two verses. But have you ever noticed how long Billy Idol songs are? This video clocks in at 5:23. Granted, it’s got some talking bookends but that’s still kind of a long song. And that’s par for the course with Billy Idol. He starts with the chorus, sings a verse, goes back to the chorus, sings another verse, and goes into the chorus again. And then he repeats variations on the chorus for the next three minutes. It’s not too terrible if you listen to one Billy Idol song. But if you listen to a bunch of them back-to-back, you begin to realize how much he repeats himself. It’s kind of annoying.

Did it age well? I don’t think Billy Idol songs really age at all. They’re kind of bland that way.

Should this go on your iPod? Only if you realize that every time you hear this song, you’re really just thinking about the video.


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