Posted by: markfender | January 30, 2013

RPG Seduction

I’m normally reading an RPG book.

seduction-of-the-inn_largeI don’t know why. My brain wants to define everyday behavior with numbers, I guess. I’m usually reading other things at the same time, but one constant is there’s some sort of RPG I’m looking at. Unfortunately, this always causes problems for me – they’re so shiny that I immediately want to run whatever I’m reading. Which tends to be detrimental to the game I’m currently running.

I just started a game of Eberron (using Fantasy Craft). And while it’s going on, I’ve resolved that I should only read Eberron or Fantasy Craft books. Hopefully, that’ll keep me focused on the game I’m actually running instead of some pie-in-the-sky game that may never happen.

The problem is that I’ve got this big gap of free time to fill now. I stepped up my fiction reading. I’ve read something like nine books in the past two weeks, in addition to all my school reading. I’ve watched all three seasons of Downton Abbey. I’ve played some videogames. But I just got No Quarter Presents: Iron Kingdoms RPG Urban Adventure (the title is longer than the page count) and it’s calling to me…

I suppose I could work on my Eberron/Fantasy Craft game with this free time. Except that I’ve already statted out the encounters for the next eight adventures and I’m not sure I can work any farther ahead without giving the PCs some time to screw up my plans (I mean, I’m not running a total railroad here).

I don’t know that I can keep this resolution.


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