Posted by: markfender | February 19, 2013

Headphone Diaries – October 9th, 1990

More thrash.

Slayer Seasons In The AbyssSlayer
Seasons in the Abyss

It’s the band your parents warned you about! Or, at least, mine did. Not that that in any way dissuaded me. I blame girls.

My girlfriend at the time was into Slayer (and Faith No More which, in retrospect, says a lot). So, naturally, I was into Slayer. Except I wasn’t really. Their version of thrash never really did a lot for me. I’m not sure why. I guess the only qualifier I really have is that it always sounded a bit ‘plain.’ With my predilection for industrial music and its multiple layers, the four-piece straight-forward structure of most thrash always left me a little bored. While I like the hooks and the riffs, I was always searching for something a little more from my hard, fast music.

I also was never into Slayer’s image. I get that heavy metal is the “devil’s music” and all the accoutrements that go along with that, but seriously guys, tone it down a bit. It’s like every cartoon version of Satan suddenly exploded on them while they were trying to pick out the exact right spiked collar at Hot Topic. I don’t see how anyone could take that stuff seriously. And I totally get why a band would want a certain image, but when that image is EVERY EVIL THING EVAR!!! it’s just kinda stupid. And I always expected, based on their image, that there would be more, I don’t know, monster voice vocals. I was always kinda disappointed in that aspect of them.

So, here’s my favorite song off this album “War Ensemble,” even if they only sing the good part (the chorus) twice. What the hell kind of song only plays the good part twice?

Did it age well? It’s exactly the same as when it first came out. It’s very thrash-like in that way.

Should this go on your iPod? Does your iPod throw up the horns?


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