Posted by: markfender | March 20, 2013

Headphone Diaries – 1990 in Review

One year down.


How could I neglect this 90s supergroup?

What did we learn from this first year of the decade? Not much, as it turns out. I skipped around a bit and didn’t talk about a lot of music that came out. I mostly just talked about the stuff I was listening to, was supposed to listen to (due to peer pressure), or the stuff that was so ubiquitous that you had to talk about it. I wouldn’t dare to sum up the year in music based on what I actually covered.

From looking back at these blog posts, it looks like I was still mostly listening to metal. Which isn’t exactly true. I was into Ministry and Nine Inch Nails at the time, but neither of them had albums come out in 1990. Their earlier stuff was in constant rotation, however. But as far as new music that got added to my tape collection (Yes, it was still a tape collection), there was a definite metal bias. Which gradually got phased out some. I still listen to metal, but it’s no longer the dominant musical form in my daily life. This branching out started in the 90s with the influence of grunge, so that’ll be exciting to look forward to.

Music was still in a transitional state in 1990 before the explosion of alternative music. So, in retrospect, this was probably a stupid year to start with. But next year we’re gonna start seeing some big changes. Pearl Jam. U2. That one thing from that one guy that was awesome. And maybe that all starts next week! Set your VCR Plus+ to record it!


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