Posted by: markfender | May 8, 2013

Headphone Diaries – January 25th, 1991

Remember this series?

screaming treesScreaming Trees
Uncle Anesthesia

Screaming Trees are one of the forerunners to the grunge movement in Seattle and one of the great influences for the genre as a whole. They tend towards a more prog-rock sound, but with a flat vocal style that certainly predicted the grunge sounds of the mid-90s. They should have been one of the bigger bands from the scene, but they apparently had difficulty actually producing music when the genre was in full-swing. They sort of book-end the movement.

I’m not a huge fan. Listening to them again recently, I’m struck by how much lead guitar there is. There’s a very strong lead guitar element on many of their songs that actually gets a little tedious if you listen to a lot their stuff (which I just did). On their big hit, “Nearly Lost You” the lead guitar shows up prominently on every verse and is only absent during the chorus. Other songs have a constant lead throughout the entire song. It’s not something I ever noticed before but now kind of annoys me.

Anyway, they’re not bad. I wasn’t a big fan before, and I guess I remain a sorta-fan. I appreciate them more from a historical perspective, which doesn’t sound like a very enviable position to be in. So, here’s their best song:

Did it age well? Definitely not.

Should this go on your iPod? Eh. If you put the Singles soundtrack on your iPod, then you’ve got their best work covered.



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