Posted by: markfender | May 14, 2013

Headphones Diaries – March 4th, 1991

It occurs to me that I rearranged some music releases last time. Oh well.

The_KLF_-_The_White_RoomThe KLF
The White Room

Like EMF and Jesus Jones before them, the KLF were a weird early-90s acid house British bands that somehow had a hit. And then, nothing else. Of course, in KLF’s case, it’s because the founders of the band were really bizarre. After being the largest music act of 1991, they disbanded in 1992 in a public display, eventually going on to burn the money they made from the band. So, I guess we should really consider KLF as an avante-garde performance piece that also produced a record.

“3 a.m. eternal” isn’t a bad song for that particular style of music, but the rest of the album is pretty terrible. British remix culture strikes again as practically every song features some samples from their only hit, milking that well until this metaphor gets out of control (I was remixing it, you see).

“3 a.m. eternal” really strikes me now as the perfect “Hey, remember the ’90s?” song. Because you didn’t have any particular feelings for it then and you still don’t now. It’s innocuous dance music that you supposed you could dance to if you wanted to. Hearing it again, you’ll remember the song, but not with any particular fondness. Or animosity. It’s the background music of the club scene in the movie of your youth. You were probably wearing a Hypercolor shirt.

Did it age well? Two words: house music. Another word: No.

Should this go on your iPod? Only if your iPod prominently features Utah Saints.

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