Posted by: markfender | July 16, 2013

Headphone Diaries – May 14, 1991

What is with all the alternative funk?

Sailing the Seas of Cheese

Primus is a weird band. Some sort of thrash-funk fusion, they’ve managed to sustain a career on weird food analogies and one of the most annoying voices in all of rock. With their major label debut, they established themselves as the weird band who wears the costumes in all their videos. Of course, don’t they sort of have to? I mean, can you honestly imagine someone singing about a cat in a serious way without wearing a costume?

I sort of like this song, but mostly for the Tom Waits. However, it does highlight the one thing about Primus that has given them some lasting impact: Les Claypool is a really good bass player. I’ve had bass-playing friends over the years who cite him as their influence (Justin Chancellor from Tool gets mentioned a lot, too), despite the fact that they don’t play anything like him. But it’s pretty undeniable that he’s quite talented. Shame he can’t sing, or even tries to.

Has it aged well? That sort of higgledy-piggledy rock and roll exists outside the bounds of time.

Should this go on your iPod? Oh God no.



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