Posted by: markfender | July 24, 2013

V:tM 20th – Storytelling and The Others




We’re to the Storytelling chapter. Honestly, it’s advice you’re probably read before. It’s decent for what it is, but isn’t gonna blow any minds. I’m gonna skip it.

The next chapter is Others, which covers threats to vampires. The hunter section is pretty interesting because it incorporates information from later White Wolf books like the Society of Leopold and the Arcanum. These were pretty interesting to read as I hadn’t even thought about said groups since the Year of the Hunter in 1995. This is also the section that includes the rules for True Faith, so that’s something.

We also get other groups, like Werewolves, Mages, Ghosts, Demons, and Fairies. So, the other World of Darkness games. These aren’t as interesting. Mostly because they’re using the Vampire rules to approximate these groups and that doesn’t work well. Of course, when those games actually came out they weren’t really compatible anyway and I’m expecting the same treatment from the other 20th Anniversary editions as they are monstrously birthed from Kickstarter. It wasn’t until the new World of Darkness that these various beasties were really compatible. Plus, there’s not really much setting information on these other groups.

Next we’ve got a bestiary. So now you can do Bear vs. Vampire. This section also has rules for swarms in case you need super-creepy Nosferatu.

Wow. This one was short. I should have talked more about that Storytelling chapter.


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