Posted by: markfender | October 23, 2013

Netrunner Plugged-In

I went out in public!


The Netrunner Plugged-In Tour came through my town this weekend. It happened to be on a day that could actually attend and so I did.

I’m not a giant Netrunner player. I dabble. I have most of the cards and play around with the game every couple of weeks with a friend. It’s probably not the greatest game to dabble in, as the math curve seems inordinately high for these sorts of games. I’m not great at doing math in my head so I tend to facerun more than I mean to, but whatever.

The Plugged-In Tour is Fantasy Flight Games’ ourtreach sorta’ tour. Representatives from the company are sent out to gaming stores where they sorta hang out and play their corporation decks with shiny new cards that no one else has against all comers. And there’s a tourney to go along with that, with the typical sort of prizes you see at these things. I managed to get one game in against Damon Stone, one of the designers at Fantasy Flight. He played their new Jinteki deck against me at my request, since I happen to like that Corp faction and they’re a little underperforming right now. I’d say, after seeing the new cards, they should be quite viable and I’m looking forward to getting those cards in my grubby hands.

As for the tourney itself, I missed Top 8 by one point. Sad. My first two games as the corp managed to give up six Agenda points on the first round. That’s not good. It was kind of an uphill struggle after that. My runner deck performed better, but still managed to always seem to have tons of credits when I didn’t need it and not enough money when I wanted it. I’m sure there’s some perception bias happening there. It definitely played better than my corp deck, however. I managed to win one whole game with my corp deck but took a couple games with my runner deck (or at least tied when time was called). (I’m way in the back in of the picture. You can barely see my hair.)

The crowd was good as well. Every opponent was gracious and freely admitted mistakes when they happened. Coming from the Warmachine tourney scene, that was a breath of fresh air. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, even when they were losing.

So, yay. Cards were shuffled. I got an exclusive alt-art Gabe Santiago card. I voted for The Collective. Then I went home.


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