Posted by: markfender | January 8, 2014

V:tR – Bloodlines: the Chosen

These Bloodline books will never end.

bloodlineschosenThis book was a contest. White Wolf published a list of Bloodlines (all mentioned in the main book) and took submissions for all of them. The ones chosen (get it?) were published in this here book. Accompanying all of the entries were sidebars from the developer about why this particular write-up was chosen, which is nice to see. So, let’s get through this:

The Agonistes are the first group. They’re a Mekhet Club that is not well liked. They’re scholars who can control torpor, making it less horrific or even lowering the amount of time you spend in it. For some reason, this makes them hated by everybody. I’m not quite following that logic.

The Baddacelli are a Nosferatu Legacy. They’re all blind, but can sing really well. They don’t have the normal Nosferatu weakness, but then, they are blind, which is a pretty big weakness all by itself. As you can imagine, their Discipline lets them echolocate or otherwise manipulate noise.

The Duchagne are a Daeva Legacy of decadent deviants. How amazingly original. For whatever reason, they don’t have the normal Daeva weakness. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be implied or they just don’t have it. Weird.

The Noctuku are a Nosferatu bloodline who practice cannibalism. They’re a new take on the old Nictuku idea from Masquerade and one that works fairly well. They’re a Club, with the proviso that the Noctuku choose who gets to join.

The Rotgrafen are a Ventrue Legacy of pirates. Or vikings. A bit of both, really. So now you can run that game of Vampirates you’ve been aching to do.

The Sangiovanni are next. If you couldn’t guess from the name, they’re a Venetian necromancer cult (and a Mekhet Legacy, but that might not have been obvious from the name). And they’re planning something mysterious. Spooky…

The Taifa are a Gangrel Legacy of Arabic storytellers. They also have Blood Oaths, like those in the Invictus book, instead of a full-on Discipline. It’s nice to see some of the supplementary systems get some more stuff, although I do note that, if you didn’t have the Invictus book, these would seem very strange, since there’s no description or sidebar explaining what these are or what book they come from.

We next have two Bloodlines related to each other: the Xiao. This arose because the developer just couldn’t decide between these two visions. So now we have the California Xiao and the Tianpan Xiao. The California branch is a Daeva Legacy that’s basically a love-bombing cult that feeds on emotions. The Tianpan Xiao, on the other hand, are a Daeva Club that try to remain dispassionate by spreading their emotions onto others.

The Yagnaita are the third Nosferatu bloodline. They’re essentially the nobility of Russian vampires and are attempting to control the vampire world in that country. They’re a Legacy with some curious ritual elements. And their symbol looks like a guy with a fearsome mustache. I don’t know if that was deliberate or not (I certainly hope not).

There’s also three Appendices to this book: Bloodlines in the Danse Macabre, Bloodlines in the Story, and Bloodline Campaigns. These all contain information on finding, forming, and joining bloodlines, as well as practical stuff about fitting them into a campaign. It also includes a method to force someone to join your bloodline. So some of those bloodlines that you read in previous books and just thought “Why the hell would anyone join this group?” now make a little bit more sense.

It’s another Bloodline book. I don’t even know what to think of these anymore.


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