Posted by: markfender | February 10, 2014


Okay, this is a slightly different OMGWTFLEGO.

lego movieThe LEGO Movie came out this past weekend. And I went and saw it because obviously I would. And it is very good.

The animation is kind of weird. I was expecting a bit more of the previous LEGO-movie sorts of things they’ve done where the bricks are recreated in a CG landscape. Yes, everything is made of bricks, but it bears the sheeny plasticity of CG, resembling your typical modern cartoon movie. This movie did not do that. Instead, it resembles more of a stop-motion look, but with LEGOs. Now, of course, it’s all computer-generated, but it looked more like real bricks moving around than previous LEGO outings had made me think it would be. The faces are the only part that looks really cartoony, as their expressions change across their yellow heads with a stop-motion quality. The mixture is somewhat odd and took a bit of adjusting. Still, because they went with the ‘realistic’ look of the plastic itself, there’s a lot of neat touches. For instance, Emmet, the main character has a big thumbprint you can see across the front of his torso where’s he’s been played with and Benny, the ’80s spaceman, has a broken helmet and a scuffed-up swooshy space graphic on his front – just like your real ’80s spacemen LEGO minifigs actually look. And none of the minifigs moved in any way in which the actual physical parts could not move – there’s no bending of the elbows or having knees, for instance.

As for the movie itself, it was very good. Despite the fact that it could have been a toy-crossover cash-in, it actually tells a decent story about the TRUE MEANING of LEGO. And despite the cross-marketing of including DC characters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (plus a nice Star Wars reference), and NBA players (all, of course, having LEGO sets), the story remains firmly grounded in what makes LEGOs cool. It doesn’t leave its adult-builders out in the cold, either, making specific and explicit references to the grown-up world of LEGO. There’s lots of references to the entire world of LEGO, from every era, including BIONICLE and DUPLO, so everybody gets something to relate to.

The humor is pretty funny as well. I expect most of the humor will be lost on the supposed age-range for the film as there’s some more subtle stuff. And the plot twists in upon itself a couple of times, but never coming across as from out of left field. It’s more culturally-aware than most Disney or Pixar films, which will probably hurt its longevity a little, but I would definitely put it up there with some of the best of Pixar. It’s so far trending as the highest rated movie of the year (which isn’t saying a whole lot right now) and meeting or beating the previously highest rated movie for this genre of Toy Story 3. It’s that good. Go see it.

And, finally, it has a terribly catchy song. Which I now leave here for you to be stuck singing all week, like I have been.



  1. OMG I loved that movie. I took my two oldest kids expecting them to be a little bored and to find it kind of amusing myself. But it WAS SO MUCH MORE! I didn’t expect to relate to a story I didn’t know was going to be there.

    The problem I’m having today is not everyone has seen it yet. Even here its killing me to hold back spoilers, which I never expected out of a Lego movie.

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