Posted by: markfender | February 19, 2014

V:tR – New Wave Requiem

White Wolf’s on a run of historical settings.

vampire-new-wave-requiem1And it’s a silly one – the ’80s. As you can tell from the cover, it’s got greed, money, ripped sweatshirts, and Nagel.

The introduction is mostly an opportunity for the developers to show off their musical tastes, so let’s move right on to the first chapter, History. This is very high-level stuff. Very high level. There’s a breakdown of several American cities, mentions of greed, the Cold War, AIDS, and the Iran-Contra affair. Plus, every gamer’s favorite: the Satanic Panic. I guess they’re assuming that you lived through the decade and only need a reminder (and, in fact, they make that point later).

The chapter breaking down the various Clans and Covenants is more interesting as it shows how they’re adapting to the new, neon-soaked nights. I like that they also included some Bloodlines in the write-ups and what they’ve been up to. There’s a few extra Devotions spread throughout this section. For whatever reason, there’s an alternate Auspex 3 power that replaces the regular one. And it’s nowhere near as good. So I’m not sure why this wasn’t just made into a Devotion. Probably because the author couldn’t think of another Discipline to involve in this very limited power.

We’ve got some storytelling tips next that certainly seem to hit the highlights (Greed, AIDS). There’s even some game mechanics to induce those changes, like making Greed a Virtue. I don’t feel like that one was very well thought out.

Next, there’s an adventure. It involves gangs in inner city Chicago and looked adequate (I didn’t analyze it very closely. Instead, I was just doing rails off my Kindle). Finally, we have a sample Coterie, with all the ’80s stereotypes covered.

This was a PDF-only product, so it’s a little shorter than many other historical-type books. That’s probably okay, since the decade wasn’t that long ago. I suppose this is as good a time period to set a game in as any other. I’m just disappointed that the Miami Vice soundtrack wasn’t even mentioned once.



  1. “The introduction is mostly an opportunity for the developers to show off their musical tastes”

    Hasn’t that always been the case with White Wolf?

    • Not as much in Requiem (whereas it was everywhere in Masquerade). They’ve been moving away from that for a long while. Even the 20th anniversary Masquerade book says that everyone has their own musical tastes and to just pick music you like. That’s actually why I called it out here – it’s not something they comment on anymore.

  2. Couldn’t you just watch The Lost Boys movie and be done with this setting?

    • Well, THAT’S no fun.

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