Posted by: markfender | April 9, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

There was a Captain America movie released recently. And, since I love America, I went and saw it.

wintersoldierThe movie itself was good. I like Chris Evans’ take on the character and have always had a soft spot for Falcon (hopefully without the bell bottoms and feathers, though). The movie was a technothriller that also featured ridiculous superheroics so that’s all good. The bad guys all used guns (and the heroes weren’t adverse to using them as well). The story would not have been terribly out-of-place featuring Jack Ryan or Jason Bourne instead of Steve Rogers.

I even like the Winter Soldier bits and the ‘reveal’ of said character. What I do not get is his appearance. Why does he look like a bad ’90s superhero? Especially considering his first appearance was in 2005? What is the deal? I’m okay with the cyber arm as that’s a character touchstone, making him easily identifiable. I’m even okay with the jet black leather, because that tends to go along with the appearance of Captain America’s armor (although obviously Cap’s armor is more colorful). It’s the hair. And the mask. It’s just so…Crow. Was the Crow still an important cultural touchstone in 2005? I think not.

I also enjoyed a few tiny Easter eggs, like the Bible verse on a certain grave, or the fact that Robert Redford’s character had a jar of Newman’s Own in his refrigerator. So I guess go see it, especially if you love crossovers and wish there were more across the entire gamut of the Marvel movie/TV media juggernaut.


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