Posted by: markfender | April 23, 2014


Commercials are annoying.

twizzlers-man-of-steel-large-10I don’t really watch them. I don’t have cable. I have adblockers on my browsers. I didn’t even know that Youtube showed commercials before videos for a couple years after they started doing it.

Of course, I still see them on occasion. When my Playstation boots up, there’s a whole panel there advertising things to me (usually the latest games in the Playstation Store or the latest movie release). Magazines still have them. And when I go to the movie theater, I have to see them. But, generally, I don’t feel like being appealed to so I avoid commercials.

One exception are movie previews. I think those are generally okay to include on a DVD. I may not be interested in the film being advertised, but I’m okay with seeing a preview for a film. However, I am pretty sick of the Blu-Ray commercials on DVDs. First off, you can’t sell me on the quality of Blu-Ray over regular ol’ DVDs if it’s on a standard-def DVD. That’s just dumb. Secondly, if it’s on a Blu-Ray disc, so I can see the differences, why are you advertising to me? I obviously already own the product you’re selling. It’s dumb.

So, imagine my annoyance when I watched Man of Steel this weekend. First, there was one of those stupid Ultraviolet “You can take your movies anywhere!” commercials. Thank you, but I am already aware of this magical ability. But then there was a Twizzlers commercial.

So, we’re now just putting ads for any old product on Blu-Rays? That’s annoying. But, it wasn’t long so whatever. But then we get to the main menu of the disc and discover another annoyance. Among the options along the menu screen was: Play, Settings, Chapters, and New Zealand: Land of Middle Earth. Bwah?

Yep, it’s an advertisement to explore the magical land of New Zealand (Will Lorde be their!?). I have no idea why. Was Man of Steel filmed in New Zealand (Looks to me like it was filmed on a green screen)? Or, are we just looking for another way to defray the cost of a really expensive movie?

I am aware that they often do rental versions of Blu-Rays which don’t have all the special features to encourage people to go buy the movie. I sincerely hope that a New Zealand commercial is not on the retail version of the Man of Steel disc. Because nothing ages worse than commercials. And for a “permanent” collection to your library, it would annoy me to have to sit through a Twizzlers commercial whenever I wanted to watch Zack Snyder excess (although I high sugar intake would probably help).



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