Posted by: markfender | May 20, 2014

What is This?

Pinnacle has a new Kickstarter going on right now. And I don’t understand it.

etuEast Texas University has a Kickstarter that funded very quickly. It’s from Pinnacle for their Savage Worlds game. And that’s all I can figure out. The text talks about the students becoming heroes. So…superheroes? Horror? Modern supernatural? I have no idea. I lean towards some sort of modern horror thing, because of talk about “fighting the darkness” but I can’t really tell. I mean, World War II inspirational speeches might mention fighting the darkness of Nazi Germany, or the horrible scourge of Communism might be reframed as a terrible darkness (lurking behind a curtain…perhaps an Iron Curtain). So I’m not totally sure on that count. I mean, “darkness” isn’t exactly an unheard of analogy. What the hell is this product?

Normally, Pinnacle runs a very nice Kickstarter. They have the books already written up and mostly illustrated. They’re just getting together funds for printing and so the books come out relatively quickly after the Kickstarter ends. Based on their track record and, if I liked Savage Worlds, I would be interested in supporting this because I know I’m going to get the product. But I have no idea what the product is.

There’s also a Plot Point Campaign book for this setting (Is it a setting?). This includes a great quote: “We can’t say much about the plot, but suffice to say it’s a Big Deal for Pinebox…and maybe beyond.” What the hell? Pinnacle is deliberately not even giving details on the product you’re about to buy. It’s the worst crimes of the metaplot generation of games laid out in a pre-investment form, from one of the primary instigators of the ’90s metaplot – Shane Hensley. Has metaplot nostalgia reached Kickstarter? Are we going to start seeing Kickstarters aimed at answering questions from previous Kickstarters?

God help us all.



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