Posted by: markfender | June 17, 2014

Let’s Not Deck Build Anymore

Seriously, aren’t you tired of it?

Dominion_gameDominion, of course, did it first. It’s a pretty brilliant idea, all told. Instead of building a deck before the game, the game itself builds the deck. It’s pretty much the second generation of ideas to come out of the entire collectible card game idea.

Unfortunately, it’s getting overplayed. Every game seem to be a deck-building game now. And I don’t think there’s been enough innovation in the field to really distance these games from each other. It pretty much comes down to what property you want to support. Like superheroes? There’s a couple to choose from. Like Warmachine? They’ve got you covered.

I’m not claiming that Dominion is the greatest of these games. It’s okay. I think a few others have engaged me more than Dominion has. But the strides in the field are still baby steps. A few nuanced differences don’t an entirely new game make.

So, let’s not deck build anymore. Let’s come up with some innovative mechanics before we decide to make some sort of horror pastiche game that won’t hit any stretch goals. Let’s not add more randomness in an attempt to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Let’s just not deck build.


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