Posted by: markfender | August 27, 2014


I didn’t pay attention to Fargo when it was on. I have little love for the Coen Brothers and even less love for the movie of the same name.

FARGO_S1_BTS_FirstLook_2Min_FXWEB_1280x720_212804163528However, the buzz kept going. And the cast looked pretty good. So I watched it. And enjoyed it quite a bit.

It’s pretty much that whole Coen Brothers “crime gone wrong” story you’ve seen in many of their movies, but with less folksy Midwestern charm. There’s still plenty of that, of course, but it didn’t bother me as much as it usually does. Probably because they weren’t really involved, just a touchstone for how to portray the story.

Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton are the two particular standouts to me (Not to say anyone else was bad. Actually, everyone was pretty good.) After watching Sherlock and those Hobbit films, seeing Freeman doing a Minnesota-accent was suitably weird. Thornton stuck to his normal cadence, but pulled off the menace of his character extremely well. But, you know, he’s got an Oscar, so I guess he knows what he’s doing.

The story twists around on itself several times and there are moments that don’t seem to connect, but that eventually do. It’s also got some gory moments that I guess I should stop being surprised to see on television (I mean, if Hannibal can have a guy eat his own face on camera, anything’s possible).

Fargo reminded me of Breaking Bad in the way that it’s about really unprofessional criminals meeting the world of professional criminals and somewhat professional law enforcement. And Breaking Bad comparisons pretty much mean it’s worth watching.


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