Posted by: markfender | September 30, 2014

Emma Watson is Better Than You

Last week, Emma Watson addressed the UN about gender equality. This, naturally, caused a huge uproar.

emma watsonLots of Men’s Rights Activists emerged to lambast her. There was a campaign to release nude photos (which later turned out to a be a prank or something? I’ll admit to being totally confused on this point). The essential point seems to be “how dare Emma Watson express her opinion.” But that’s ridiculous. Emma Watson has more societal justification for sharing her opinion than you do.

Emma Watson is better than you. In every socially constructed method that we have for determining our worth in society, Emma Watson has you beat. She is a well-known celebrity. You are not. She has a net worth of $60 million, making her one of the richest people in her home country under the age of 30. Your wealth is nowhere in that figure. She is pretty enough to continually make FHM’s Top 10 list. You barely rank on anyone’s list. She graduated from Brown University, a prestigious school. You went to State. She’s dating a professional athlete. You don’t even know any professional athletes.

The only way that Emma Watson doesn’t measure up to our societal standards is that she hasn’t procreated yet. For some reason, we value that as a culture and as a species and she has not fulfilled her genetic obligation to do so yet. But, at the same time, she’s only 24. She’s got time. So, in that small way, you’ve got her beat. But, her parents have you beat because they gave birth to Emma Watson and, no matter how much you think your kids are awesome in every way, they will never reach the success that Emma Watson has had. So, she’s still better, having proven to be the superior offspring.

Listen, the only useful purpose for celebrities is to champion causes. Half of the debate in changing the way our world and society works is decided by shifting public opinion. Yes, we can dedicate gossip magazines and sites to celebrity, we can fantasize about them, and we can watch their antics in entertainment mediums. But their only useful purpose for society is to draw attention to issues and present their opinions. That’s how celebrities make a difference.

Emma Watson, as a champion of feminism, doesn’t deserve your hatred. Her opinions are more valid than yours. It’s just a fact. She is more important to society than you. You can decry the values we’ve espoused to put her in that position, but it’s just the way it is. Her opinion matters to the world, and you threatening her on the internet only reinforces how much better than you she is. She has proven herself to be a person of consequence. Your Gamerscore doesn’t. I may disagree with Emma Watson (I don’t, but you know, I could), but the bare facts are that she is far more essential to changing how our society functions than I am. And I’m okay with that.




  1. Not sure if serious…

    • Would it make a difference?

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