Posted by: markfender | October 7, 2014

New Releases

This is boggling my mind.

newI’ve got a routine that happens every Tuesday. First, I check to see what movies came out that day. I watch previews for things I’ve never heard of and add the appropriate films to my Netflix queue. Then, I check out what new releases from music came out. I listen to just about all of them (some get shorter shrift – if the rap album hasn’t hooked me by the middle of the first song, it generally gets skipped). This has worked for years. Until now.

For some reason, Netflix never lists New Releases on their site. They have a section called New Releases, but it’s a bunch of old stuff and selected new releases. I have to use other sites to find out what actually came out that week before heading to Netflix to add them. But I don’t get this attitude. I’m going to be getting stuff in the mail regardless (my backlog is quite extensive) from them, why don’t they want me to know what products they offer? Wouldn’t excitedly telling me about new releases keep me subscribed?

Spotify used to have a playlist called New Releases. It listed everything they added that day to their service. It didn’t include everything released that week, because there are still corporate holdouts who think Spotify is ruining their industry, but it at least listed everything on Spotify. That has recently changed. Now, it’s a “curated list” of new releases. There’s maybe one song from each album. Or sometimes no songs at all. It’s dumb and useless. According to angry users who asked Spotify about this, Spotify has no plans to go back to the old method. So, now I don’t know what’s on Spotify either. WTF?

Listen, these are both services I pay for. Why this weird corporate policy in not telling me about new products? Isn’t that the opposite of how businesses usually work? I do not understand. Why can’t I just find out what’s out? How am I supposed to keep up with the kids?

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