Posted by: markfender | October 14, 2014

C:tL – Eyes on Fire – Characters

Here’s the PCs I’ve got in my Changeling: the Lost game.

n3255Caitlyn Darby is a Fairest Minstrel who was passed around various Gentry for her voice. After escaping her Durance, she embraced the Spring Court and lives for the moment (which has not worked out so well for her so far). She’s in a band with Uile Phiest.

Uile is a Ogre Draconic/Stonebones (He took the merit that gives him two Kiths). He acted as a monster in his Gentry’s plays/operas/dramatic presentations/board meetings before escaping into the Hedge. He’s taken up with the Summer Court. He is in a band with Caitlyn Darby.

Danielle Mendoza is a Beast Runnerswift who served as a hunting animal for her Gentry. Now that she’s escaped, she’s taken up with the Spring Court and runs a dog-walking service.

Lastly, we’ve got Paul Tankard, a Wizened Smith. He was chained to the forges of his Gentry and bears the scars. Now, he’s Summer Court and runs a garage. He is also the only one in the group with A) money and B) a cell phone, which is proving a bit of a challenge.


  1. They sound like awesome characters, but that Uile Phiest is both an amazing character concept and a brilliant name. Who created him is a gaming genius.

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