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C:tL – Eyes on Fire – NPCs

And here’s the NPCs for my Changeling: the Lost game. Note that these were all based on the NPCs the players came up with, with a few exceptions.

The Courts
Currently, Portland is ruled by Spring, which believes in hiding in plain sight. This is not too difficult to do in a city dedicated to being weird.

bosshoggBoss Hogg
Boss Hogg is an Ogre Bloodbrute, so it’s not a good idea to make fun of his name. He can be found wherever the Portland food trucks set up shop, gorging himself on their offerings. He keeps a watchful eye over the food trucks and considers them his people.

Yes, he has a silly name.

Tom Bramble
Tom Bramble is the Elemental Woodblood King of Spring. He runs Edgefield, the premier outdoor music venue in Portland. Keeping with his Court’s theme, Edgefield is within hearing distance of the Hedge.

Naming changelings is really hard. There is no good “fairy name” generator online that doesn’t produce Tinkerbell-level names.

Nora Eveshka
Nora Eveshka is a Russian rusalka (Beast Swimmerskin) who traffics in human and changeling misery. Sex trafficking is her primary vice and she runs the local underworld. She is despised by most changelings for also trafficking in changelings, returning them to their old masters. Still, she is a powerful person with many in-roads into mortal society. Doing her a favor can be profitable, but also dangerous.

This name is a bit of a joke. In our current Iron Kingdoms game, I am playing a Widowmaker named Nina Pavlichenko. My GM consistently calls my character Nora. So, obviously I had to steal that.

Genesis P. Frogington the Third
As keeper of the Goblin Markets, Lord Frogington resembles his namesake more than a little. He’s a hipster dandy, despite his homeless status. He can usually be found under bridges arranging the month’s Bridge Market. Pretending that he’s royalty is the best way to get on his good side.

This name is based on Genesis P. Orridge, but made even more ridiculous.

Hail The Ash
Whispers and rumors fly around the changeling known as either Hail or Ash, depending on whom you ask. What is known is that he lives in the most inhospitable parts of the local forests, as well as within the Hedge. He displays the mien of an Ogre Gristlegrinder, but no one is quite sure what he eats. Rumors also contend that he sells information to the Gentry, which keeps most people away from him.

The Jack
The Jack is a myth, even to changelings. He has fought against the Gentry, and also sold changelings back to them. He seems to be attached in some way to the Seasons, changing his appearance and mien with the turning of the Seasons. As the Cold Jack, he slaughtered many changelings at the bidding of his cold masters, just to experience the city’s sorrow. As the Ashen Jack, he redrew the Hedge’s maze to prevent changelings from finding their way home. In all of his countenances, it is generally regarded that no one should make deals with him.

The most common name is fairy stories is, of course, Jack. So I had to have someone named Jack in this game. Thinking of an appropriate Jack name was tough, so I sort of compromised by making him a universal danger with a constantly shifting personalities.

Nettle rules the disparate elements of the Summer Court with her Fairest Treasured mien. She’s a decisive leader intent on pushing back the forces that threaten the Lost. Unfortunately, her radical agenda tends to alienate those under her tutelage, making the Summer Court a shifting web of alliances.

Reiko Reedwitch
Reiko Reedwitch is the Ogre Witchtooth who governs the Autumn Court. From her den in the Japanese Gardens, she maintains the secrecy of the Autumn Court, refusing to share her plans with anyone outside of her Court. Those in the know claims that her plans don’t amount to much, but even they admit that they probably don’t know everything Reiko has planned.

Shimmer is the Consort of Winter, a Darkling Mirrorskin whose fluidity matches his appearance. She can most frequently be found around City Hall during the day, but at night he tends to maneuver around the city in a Portland City Utilities truck. Those of the Winter Court often complain that they are not being represented in their Season, but most find that even secret desires become law in Winter.

Martin Ten-Bones
The resident head of the Portland Ukelele Association, Martin is a Wizened Thusser who is agitating for a more electoral form of government for changelings, arguing that Portland deserves a unique twist on the Court system to keep with the themes of the city itself.

Bonus points for people who get this name.

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