Posted by: markfender | October 21, 2014


The food, not the singer.

meatloafI have an American palate. I like cheese and noodles and casseroles and big hunks of meat. I grew up on Mac & Cheese, hamburgers, and mashed potatoes. They’re kind of considered boring nowadays, but when they’re prepared well, those foods are still good.

But meatloaf sucks. It looks gross, it has a gross texture, and it doesn’t taste any better. It looks like the laziest food ever – I had some bread and some meat so I just mixed them together. Bleah.

Some people will say, “My meatloaf recipe is great.” But those people are lying. What they’re really saying is that the sauce they dribble over the top to impart some measure of taste to the glop underneath is good. And that’s great. I’m glad you were able to find some sauce variation that imparts some decent flavor to this abomination. But, instead of making meatloaf next time, I think those people should conduct an experiment.

1. Make hamburgers.

2. Put hamburgers on buns.

3. Drizzle meatloaf sauce over hamburger.

I bet this would taste better than the meatloaf would. Because meat and bread are good. But mixing them together is disgusting.

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