Posted by: markfender | December 9, 2014

C:tL – Eyes on Fire – Session 1

“If I Had a Heart”

As our game begins, the PCs are partying in town. Darby and Uile have just finished a set (where they blew out the main act, who refused to go on). Outside the club, Darby runs into someone who knew her from before she disappeared into the Hedge. They reminiscence some and Darby comes to realize that this person still knows her…or rather, the other her. Apparently, instead of going to Julliard like she was supposed to, Darby’s fetch fell into drug use and now works at a Starbucks.

Meanwhile, Dani has moved to another club, where she manages to catch the eye of someone who looks very similar to herself. The glare across the room is palpable. She loses sight of “herself,” but gets suitably creeped out.

The next day, Darby convinces the group to visit her fetch’s place of work. While there, Darby meets her other self and freaks out. Seeing the shambles that her life has become, Darby throws a hot cup of coffee into her fetch’s face. The others hustle her out of the area, while Darby screams things about how much her fetch has manged to ruin Darby’s life.

After this dramatic interlude, the group decides the best thing to do would be to go get a cupcake to calm Darby down. Darby’s friend from the other night owns a small cupcake shop (or Shoppe – it’s Portland) so the gang heads there. While there, Darby gets into another fight with the proprietor about her past, which results in the cops being called. They again hustle Darby out of the area, while Darby laments the wreckage her fetch made of her “perfect life.”

Dani, unfortunately, sights herself once again from across a crowded street. This time, her fetch stabs herself with a jagged piece of mirror while glaring at Dani. They lose sight of each other in the crowd, but now Dani is worried about the powers her fetch might control.

While all of this is going on, the PCs interact with some of the other changelings in town. In an effort to find out what exactly their fetches can do, they try to talk to Reiko Reedwitch, Autumn Queen and purveyor of the Japanese Gardens. Her secretary is almost an insurmountable obstacle, but they manage to talk their way past her and speak with Reiko. Reiko proves enigmatic, but Paul decides to make nice and present a sculpture to the Japanese Gardens. Meanwhile, Nettle, Summer Queen, proves to be an irritating personality as she questions the two Summer Court PCs about why they haven’t killed their fetches yet. Neither Paul nor Uile rise to the bait.

The PCs also meet Martin Ten-Bones, ukelele impresario. He, in his rambly, hippie manner tries to convince the PCs to ally with him. He’s trying to abolish the seasonal court method of governance and institute a committee approach. His argument is that the Court system was designed to hide the changelings from their Keepers, but that has obviously failed as a group of changelings have recently disappeared. He fears Gentry influence and wants a stronger Court system to counteract them. The PCs promise to keep his ideas in mind and they depart on good terms.

I ran this several months ago, so my notes aren’t as up-to-date on everything that occurred as they could be. The main purpose was to introduce some of the PCs fetches, interact with a few of the city’s changelings, and include the mystery of the missing changelings. Luckily, my players took it and ran with it, especially Darby’s player. I think he entered the game thinking he got to decide who/what his fetch was, so the reveal of a failed artist triggered Darby’s worst instincts. But I’m not gonna complain about PCs taking an introductory scenario and investing themselves into it fully. It makes follow-ups so much easier.

The song, in this case, directly relates to Darby’s fetch. But that’s probably obvious in retrospect.



  1. Good dramatic start to your campaign! Looking forward to reading more.

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