Posted by: markfender | December 16, 2014

C:tL – Eyes on Fire – Session 2

“In Bad Dreams”

The band has just finished their set when they are met by Detective Matthew Hinton of the Portland Police Department. He’s following up on some reports of assault at various local businesses by a woman who matches Darby’s description. Darby uses her Changeling powers to ascertain what his greatest desire is and finds out its her fellow band member, Uile. Matthew is sympathetic, but is only doing his duty. They agree that Darby and Uile will visit the police station later to answer some questions.

Matthew was invented so that there were some repercussions to last session’s antics. I’m not a GM who’s going to jail my players because they broke a law, but I at least thought it would be a good idea to express that actions have consequences. In that regard, I didn’t design him as some sort of bad ass cop. In fact, he’s a gay, hipster cop because Portland. He gets more important later.

Meanwhile, Paul finishes his work on the sculpture for the Japanese Gardens. He drops it off to Reiko.

Paul is the only PC with a job. He runs a small garage where he practices sculpting on the side. He also is the only PC with a cell phone or a permanent address, which has made some complications later on as PCs split up and then can’t get in contact with each other later.

During these few nights, of course, Paul must sleep and is visited in his dreams by his fetch. Somehow his fetch has learned the Changeling ability of oneiromancy and taunts Paul. Paul doesn’t take to it and ends up threatening his fetch right back. This leads to a bit of stalemate between the two – his fetch wants him to go back to Arcadia so that the fetch will be the “real” Paul, whereas Paul just wants him to go away.

Paul’s constant nightmares means that he no longer recovers a Willpower point every morning. This is me putting a timer on this aspect of the game so that later events will trigger properly.

After Paul confides in the other PCs, they decided to explore this dream stuff so that Darby can communicate with her own fetch and figure out how to reconcile. Dani strikes up a conversation with Darby’s fetch on the bus one day. At this point, Darby’s fetch has extensive coffee burns and is in a drug haze due to her pain medication. It’s pretty obvious that this is leading to a downward slide for her as she’s already been through rehab once before.

As for Changeling society at large, the PCs interact with a few other NPCs. Martin Ten-Bones has another new brilliant idea for the governance of Changeling society – he wants everyone to make a Pledge with everyone else for mutual protection. If everyone does that, then his weird plan for a new power structure will totally work! He fails to convince anyone of that. Meanwhile, Tom Bramble, Spring King, and Nettle, Summer Queen, start campaigning for the transition. As spring winds down, Nettle’s Summer Court plans to take over. As Nettle is a bit, er, militant, lots of people aren’t really looking forward to this. In particular, everyone is worried about the recent disappearance of a number of Changelings.

Two of the PCs are Spring Court while the other two are Summer, making this transition storyline relevant to all the PCs. I don’t know if all my players agreed to follow those two Courts or it was just coincidence, but it certainly helped make that storyline relevant to everyone.

Paul tries to track down his fetch. He asks Shimmer, with her city contacts, to track down what information he/she can.


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