Posted by: markfender | January 13, 2015

C:tL – Eyes on Fire: Session 3


Things continue as before with the PCs investigating their various fetches. Dani finds her fetch’s home in a suburban neighborhood, complete with white picket fence, two kids, and minivan.

Detective Hinton finds the PCs again. Another circuitous conversation ensues in which Matthew is shunted off. He promises to find them again and get answers.

With the transition from Spring to Summer arriving soon, the Changelings of Portland are getting ready for the Bridge Market. Genesis P. Frogington the Third is in charge of such things. Unfortunately, the Hobs have disappeared. He tasks the PCs (Uile specifically) to find them again. This requires a visit to the Hedge in hopes of finding the Hob’s home and what’s keeping them from reporting to Genesis.

The best place to enter the Hedge is within the PC’s own Hollow so they convene there. Right before they’re about to leave through the gateway to the Hedge, there’s a knock at their door. Uile answers the door to discover that it’s Matthew Hinton. Within their Hollow, their Miens don’t work, so the PCs are exposed to Hinton’s mortal eyes as the ethereal, otherworldly creatures they really are. This, of course, causes quite a bit of consternation for Matthew, who handles it with remarkable grace. They invite Matthew inside to discuss what’s actually happening.

I had planned to have Matthew intervene whenever the PCs decided to do something exciting, just to annoy them. I had no idea they would just expose themselves to him.

Matthew is understandably freaked out, but he buys their story about being stolen and escaping from a hellish realm. This is made more manifest when they journey into the Hedge with him, exposing him to a bit of that realm.

Within the Hedge, things seem brooding. Leering mocking laughter is heard from far away. The PCs find dead Hobs in their exploration. Each PC finds an object that reminds them of their past – Darby finds a libretto from an opera that she once performed for her Gentry, Uile finds a tragedy mask with a smeared paw print on it, Paul finds the statue he made for Reiko buried in a tree, and Dani finds a dog collar with a chain attached to it. This unnerves various people to various degrees, but they continue their exploration. Eventually, they stumble upon the bodies of the Hobs, piled up in a clearing.

The PCs return to their Hollow, only to find a knife stuck in the door. Were they followed? Did someone get through before them?

Back in the real world, the party decides to forge a Pledge with Matthew. He agrees to help them for the next six months in return for the ability to spot Changelings. Being a generally caring sort, he sees it as a chance to help people – people he didn’t necessarily know needed his help. Darby feels really bad about getting Matthew involved in their world.

There were other provisos in the Pledge – increased skills and merits for various parties, but those are boring rules-bits.



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