Posted by: markfender | January 20, 2015

C:tL – Eyes on Fire – Session 4


Okay, this is definitely the worst title for a session, but what can you do?

After reporting back to Genesis P. Frogington the Third about the status of his Hobs and his Bridge Market, the local Changelings are in an uproar. Without their Hobs, how are they going to have a Bridge Market? Nettle accuses Tom Bramble of being a poor excuse for a Spring King, while Tom looks for someone else to blame. Nettle vows to better protect the city from threats from the Hedge and declares that the Hedge should be closed. She gets her court to start patrolling the most common Hedge gateways. This causes additional issues as some Changelings aren’t really sure what to do with their ruined Bridge Market (Changelings don’t deal with change well). Martin Ten-Bones proposes his elegant solution to the governance situation again, and gets just as many takers as he’s had in the past. Uile comes up with the idea of making it a “Save the Hobs” benefit, which at least makes a pretense of normality.

The PCs were pretty unimpressed with everyone’s leadership qualities after this. There was a whole lot of yelling, dissembling, and general political arguments.

Meanwhile, Shimmer has procured information on Paul’s fetch. However, she wants him to spy on Nora Evashka for her before turning over the info. Paul stakes out Nora’s club, where he sees Martin Ten-Bones pay her a visit. Afterwards, Nora drives into the forests surrounding Portland. Paul is unable to follow her all the way, but he relays his findings to Shimmer, who provides him the address of his fetch. Darby pays a visit to Paul’s fetch later and finds him to be an older, paunchier version of Paul. He works as a security guard in an office building.

Matthew pays a visit to the party. He’s done some investigation! He procured the surveillance tapes from the Japanese Gardens, where he saw a delivery truck pull up and load Paul’s sculpture into the truck (it eventually ended up in the Hedge). He tracked down who rented the truck and gained blurry footage of the person in question – The Jack.

One thing I am constantly accused of is making my games difficult to gain information in. Take, that, players! I had the NPC do all the investigation! Hah!



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